Facebook’s Testing Another Ad-free Pages Design for Desktop

Facebook has started testing another redesign of its desktop pages that drops right-hand ads and repositions the page’s cover photo, profile photo and navigation bar. Ad-free Facebook Pages continues and it started testing another redesign of its desktop Pages that omits the ads which appear on the right-hand side of the page.

Here is examples of what the latest layout being tested looks like:


Facebook based on the two experimental layouts. Facebook seems to have four ideas in mind of how it wants to change the current look of its desktop Pages like separate the profile photo from the cover photo, move the page information boxes to the right side and remove the right-side ads altogether and move the navigation menu to the left side of the page.

If Facebook removing ads from its desktop Pages that not a big deal. For starters, even if Facebook does pull them from desktop Pages, it doesn’t mean it will pull them from its people’s profile pages and desktop home page. And ads on its desktop Pages which may not bring in enough money to justify them crowding the page when Facebook prefer to free up that room to make Pages even more of a hub for businesses, publishers and celebrities. Acrogensoft is one of the best Affordable SEO and SMO Company and providing competitive SEO Packages.

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Google Offers New Hotel Search Filters, Deal Labels And Airline Price Tracking

Google has said that 40 percent of total traffic is mobile visits to travel sites and Google offers new hotel search filters, deal labels and airline price tracking appeared first on Search Engine Land. New tools helps to increase in mobile travel traffic and bookings. Google is introducing a wide range of new mobile hotel and flight search tools.

Google Offers New Hotel Search Filters, Deal Labels And Airline Price Tracking
Mobile users will also see new deal labels as when a room rate is below traditional price levels. This company will also gives money-saving “hotel tips.” They based on travel date flexibility. Finally, now Google will offer airfare price tracking. Users can also track fare changes on specific routes, airlines and dates. Acrogensoft is the best SEO Company in India that helps business enterprises to achieve efficiency by taking them into the e-world. It is a leading name in web development, web designing and SEO Services.

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The Perfect Local SEO Landing Page

A great Local SEO Landing Page should help your business that make more money in two ways. Firstly, it should organically rank in search results. Secondly it should convert page visitors into a leads. We often one pattern that best perform in local search results.

There are two key elements to consider here:

•    Local SEO ranking factors
•    Landing page conventions

1. Local SEO ranking factors:- Moz Survey the local SEO ranking factors from a last month. I wanted to break these down and helps local marketers understand what exactly needs to be done to optimize for the primary ranking factors. After that we can further analyze this information in our quest for the perfectly optimized landing page.

The following are the ranking factors that are relevant for local SEO landing page optimization:
•    City, state in landing page title
•    Click-through rate from search results
•    Topical keyword relevance of domain content
•    Quality/authority of inbound links to landing page URL
•    Product/service keyword in landing page title
•    Page authority of landing page URL
•    City, state in landing page H1/H2 tags
•    HTML name, address and phone number (NAP) matching location NAP
•    Load time of landing page
•    NAP in hCard/Schema
•    Geographic (city/neighborhood)


2. The perfect landing page :- Much of the landing page science comes out from PPC industry. After all, we are paying to drive traffic to a given page. There is no absolutely perfect layout, and the right page is going to very much depend on what is being promoted, however, we can take some guidance from time-tested best practices that is :
•    Ad copy & context
•    Page headlines
•    Product features
•    Product benefits
•    Location map

This is the perfect Local SEO Landing Page is also a finely tuned lead generation page. It is easy to get trapped in too narrow a perspective — whether that is SEO, PPC, landing page optimization or one of the other myriad digital marketing tactics. Acrogensoft provides impressive Landing page Design Services is an important marketing tool for increasing the traffic of the webpage.

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Google Test Removes The Estimated Number of Search Results

Now Google is dropping the estimated number of results from the top of the search results. When you do a search on google, you see at the top number of results Google was able to find out. For example a site command for [site:www.google.com] returns “About 71,000,000 results (0.26 seconds.” That means Google found about 71 million pages in 0.26 seconds time. Derek Edmond shared screen shots with me on Twitter showing how it was removed from his view.

Here is how it looks without it:



Google is constantly testing new interfaces, Google will decide to remove in future so it is unclear. Acrogensoft is a Delhi based one of the best SEO Company in India that provide quality SEO services at economical rates.

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Google Says Dynamic Search Ad Targeting Will Soon Get Better

Google announced Dynamic Search Ads are triggered over the next few months. Dynamic Search Ads are becoming even more relevant and allow you dynamically created that show ads to people interested in your products and services. Dynamic Search Ads also help fill in gaps for keywords that you might have missed manually.

Over the next some months, we’re rolling out improvements to DSA campaigns to ensure your ads show for more relevant searches and result in better performance. For example, ads that point to a landing page about iced coffee makers will be less likely to show for less relevant searches like “iced coffee.”

Why use Dynamic Search Ads

  • Save time
  • Control your campaign
  • Capture additional traffic
  • Frequent, automatic updates to your ads
  • Show relevant, dynamically generated headlines with your ads


Acrogensoft is a leading Digital Marketing Services Company in India. We offer a high quality transparent approach to online businesses success through SEO advices that produces gorgeous results for our clients around the world.

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Why Google Is Mining Local Business Attributes

When you checked into places on Google Maps recently? You may have noticed that Google prompts you to you to enter information about the place you are visiting. The reason for these questions is that Google wants to know ‘attributes’ of the business. Attributes consist of descriptive content including such as services of the business, accepted payment methods, parking availability or other details that may not apply to all businesses. Attributes are extremely important because of they can influence if a user decides to visit a business.

For example, if you publish a review on trip advisor or yelp then you will be asked same questions regarding the attributes of the business. Other example you searching restaurant is for kids, allows dogs, has televisions or accepts bitcoins so many business gives complete, accurate information about businesses and locations. With complete accurate information more useful that attracting more visitors, which makes each publisher more valuable to the business.


Attributes have become more and more important over the years with the changing landscape of search. Acrogensoft is one of the best SEO Company in India. We offer digital marketing strategy, Website Design, E Commerce Solutions , Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing  and overall Digital marketing services.

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PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 Released

The PHP development team announces a PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1. This release marks the beginning of the first minor release in the PHP 7.x series. All PHP users are re encouraged to test this version carefully and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system.



php 7.0.1 alpha


PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 is available with lots of features such as

  • Void Return Type
  • Allow specifying keys in list()
  • Nullable Types
  • Multi catch
  • Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment
  • Generalize support of negative string offsets
  • Class constant visibility modifiers

For source downloads of PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 1 please visit the download page, Windows sources and binaries can be found on windows.php.net/qa/. Acrogensoft is one of the best PHP Web  Development Company in Delhi. We believe in delivering Quality in time.

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LinkedIn Starts Officially Auctioning Off Its Desktop Banner Ads

LinkedIn social networking site let brands bid on its desktop display ads in real-time auctions but is restricting their ability to target based on its user data. LinkedIn’s desktop display ad business is something of a supplementary revenue stream for the LinkedIn. While LinkedIn has kept those banners off of mobile devices, despite the majority of its audience going mobile.

The company has opted for the latter, by making these ads available programmatically through real-time auctions, sales team of the LinkedIn will be able to spend a little time to making a case for their desktop-only inventory and more time for more moneymaking sponsored content deals. Brands bidding through open or private auctions can use their own data, such as lists of people who visited top brand’s site or its customers, or data from an outside company to target these programmatically purchased ads.

LinkedIn starts officially auctioning off its desktop banner ads

Acrogensoft is one of the top quality based complete web solution and top SEO Services provider company in NCR Delhi, India. Acrogensoft assure you that our SEO Package guarantee you to list your site in first page of the google search engine and other different search engine. We are most branding SEO company in Delhi.

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PHP 5.6.22 Is Available

The version of PHP 5.6.22 is available. PHP development team announces and said that this is a security release and the several bugs were fixed in this release. So all PHP 5.6 users upgrade to this version. For source downloads of PHP 5.6.22 please visit downloads page, Windows binaries can be found on windows.php.net/download/.

PHP 5.6.22 Is Available
The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog. Acrogensoft is one of the most prominent & professionally managed Web design & Web Development Company in India and provides best of the web solutions to across the globe. We have expert team of professionals, providing PHP development, E-commerce Solutions, web designing according W3C web standards, SEO and other web services.

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Twitter Launches Engage, A Companion App To Provide Stats On Audiences

Twitter is one of the best social media platform and launched a new companion app called Engage. Twitter launches Engage and an application for content creators with data analytics and post insights. It provides real-time data and insights, allowing you to quickly understand, engage, and grow your audiences.

The app is best for users who have millions of followers on Twitter. It gives all detail and helps to filter out mentions and new followers who may not be too important.

Twitter’s Engage app comes with data tools and number of likes, retweets, mentions and impressions are served via a dashboard.

UnderstandInPhone-twitter-data-insightsEngage application is also provide content review and performance activity metrics, so that content creators can also see data around each individual conversation that they’ve initiated.

Acrogensoft is a leading Seo Company in Delhi provide Full Digital Marketing Services at affordable rates. At Acrogensoft, employs using all white hat and organic SEO techniques and never compromise with the quality of work.

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